[Korea-chapter] [X3D] Korea Chapter Meeting, Feb 22th, 5:10pm PST (Feb. 23th, 10:10am Korea)

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Mon Feb 22 18:25:34 PST 2010

Attendees:  Myeong-Won Lee, Dick Puk, Anita Havele, Don Brutzman

Myeong Won Lee wrote:
> The agenda items are as follows:
> 1. A new WG proposal: e-Learning WG  
>     We propose that the standardization items for the e-Learning WG be 
> as follows:
>        (1) X3D Textbook
>             We will study the most appropriate XML Textbook standards, 
> combine
>             them into X3D, and then provide an interface between XML 
> Textbook and X3D.
>        (2) X3D Textbook UI
>             We will study and start the development of an X3D Textbook UI. 

We had an interesting discussion about these topics.

The slides on these 2 topics are excellent.  Please see the minutes from
the December 2009 meeting in Korea.


    * Standardization of X3D Digital Textbook, Kwan-Hee Yoo, Chungbuk National
University: [Standardization of X3D Digital Textbook]

    * IMS Global Learning Consortium and IMS Standards, Yong-Sang Cho, KERIS
(Korea Education and Research Information Service): [IMS Global Learning
Consortium and IMS Standards]

We will send out a call to all Consortium members to see who is interested
in this initiative.  Korea Chapter will come up with a first draft, then
Anita Don and Dick will help refine and release this call.

Don has sent these slides to colleagues in the Advanced Distributed Learning
(ADL) community http://www.adlnet.gov who are working on use of CAD conversion
to X3D for use in Learning Management Systems (LMSs).  So we might find multiple
synergies and partnerhsips for this work.

> 2. Progress of new proposals
>     1) Units proposal (Myeong Won Lee)
>         - Updates for the unit statement: X3D schema expansion, unit X3D 
> examples, and the unit browser

The schema expansion is likely OK.  Unfortunately I cannot spend time on the
X3D v3.3 schema yet, am still trying to get some of our X3D v3.2 items complete
first.  This is an agreed-upon prerequisite for the working group.

Myeong-Won will send me the updated examples and I will check them into
sourceforge.  When ready she will work on using subversion in sourceforge
directly herself.

provides information and instructions.  tutorial available on request.

Version-control source:

   1. Use Netbeans, X3D-Edit or some other subversion client (such as
TortoiseSVN or Collabnet) to check out the version-control source and project
   2. Decide whether to use a sourceforge account or anonymous access.
   3. Check out
usually to a local directory such as C:\www.web3d.org\x3d\tools
   4. Further links and information available via the x3d sourceforge project

>         - Korean chapter wiki page update 
>     The following have no updates to report at this time.
>     2) Projective texture mapping (Kwan-Hee Yoo)
>     3) Mixed reality visualization (Gun Lee)
>     4) CAD translation to X3D (Pranveer Singh Rathore and Soonhung Han)
>     5) H-Anim motion data definition (Myeong Won Lee)
>     6) Mobile X3D functions (Myeong Won Lee)
>     7) Geometric medical data (Kwan Hee Yoo)
>     8) X3D Digital Textbook (Kwan Hee Yoo)
> 3. SC24 Mobile X3D SG Workshop, June 27 (Sunday), 2 - 6 pm, 2010, Busan, 
> Korea
>     The first SC24 Mobile X3D SG Workshop will be held the day before 
> the SC24 Meeting.
>     The SC24 Plenary and WG Meetings will be held June 28 - July 2, 2010 
> in Busan, Korea.
>     Venue:    
>     Paradise Hotel Busan
>     1408-5 Joong Dong Haeundae Gu, Busan, Korea (612-846)
>     TEL : 82-51-742-2121 or 82-51-749-2111~3  FAX : 82-51-744-2128
>     URL : www.paradisehotel.co.kr <http://www.paradisehotel.co.kr> 
> (http://busan.paradisehotel.co.kr/en/)

Thank you for this information.

Anita can we please put together an announcement on the web3d.org
home page about this event.  The CFP is online at


> 4. Next Korean chapter meeting time
>    March 8, Monday, at 5:10pm PST (March 9, Tuesday, at 10:10pm Korea time)
>    OR
>    March 15, Monday, at 5:10pm PST (March 16, Tuesday, at 9:10pm Korea time)

We will meet on the second date.

No other items.  Thanks everyone for a productive call.

all the best, Don
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