[Korea-chapter] [X3D] Korea chapter meeting, January 25th - meeting minutes

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Mon Jan 25 18:35:01 PST 2010

Attendees:  Myeong-Won Lee, Gun Lee, Dick Puk, Don Brutzman.
We met 1710-1830 (pacific) 1010-1130 (Korea).

Myeong Won Lee wrote:
> The agenda items of the first meeting of the year are as follows:
> 1. Next steps for the new WG proposals discussed at the Web3D Seoul 
> Meeting, Dec. 7-8, 2009
>     1) Mixed Reality WG, proposed by Gerard Jounghyun Kim (Korea University)
>     2) e-Learning WG, proposed by Yong-Sang Cho (KERIS, Korea Education 
> and Research
>         Information Service) and Kwan-Hee Yoo (Chungbuk National University)
>     Charters will be prepared for initiating these new working groups.
>     Is it possible to obtain sample WG charters to aid in preparation?

The X3D Earth working group charter is a good one to follow.  Excerpts follow
inside the ===== rulers.


X3D Earth Working Group Charter

Vision and Mission

    * Vision. Make it easier to create and use 3D spatial data.
    * Mission. Promote spatial data use within X3D via open architectures.


The Extensible 3D (X3D) Earth project will create a standards-based 3D
visualization infrastructure for visualizing all manner of real-world objects
and information constructs in a geospatial context. Archivability of models
using stable commercial tools and noncommercial international standards will
ensure that 3D work can remain accessible and repeatable for many years to come.

    * Public and government assets need to be openly available over long term,
    * Huge investment in data preparation, future rework/rewrite may not be possible
    * Archiving and availability are essential prerequisites for many groups
    * New spatial capabilities become possible, including Semantic Web and
search-based applications


Results (i.e. how to measure that goals are accomplished)


Primary X3D Earth efforts are coordinated and performed within the "safe haven"
of a Web3D Consortium working group. This is the follow-on effort to the Web3D
Geospatial Working Group.

Working Group Cochairs

    * [...]

Web3D Consortium members include commercial companies, nonprofit organizations,
government agencies, academic institutions and individual professionals.


Group Decision-Making Process

Consensus or voting? There are important reasons for each.

Past experience in Web3D working groups has shown that the best products result
from determining requirements, proposing technical solutions, building consensus
through results and ultimately standardization of results. Implementation and
evaluation of multiple compatible solutions is essential.

Participants have agreed to follow the usual consensus-based approach that has
succeeded so well for X3D. Voting remains a helpful technique for assessing
whether consensus has been achieved.

Intellectual Property Considerations

Primary X3D Earth efforts will be coordinated and performed within the "safe
haven" of a Web3D Consortium working group. Working group members agree to
follow the Web3D Consortium Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) policy.

    * All patent encumbrances must be predeclared prior to working group scrutiny.
    * There is a strong preference for only including royalty Free (RF) technology.
    * Patented submissions used in a final specification typically fall under a
reciprocal license.

Charter updated 12 February 2007

How to join the X3D Earth Working Group

>     Is there a specific format that must be followed?

No specific format or template is currently required.  For the document
itself, HTML is best for publishing the charter.

Alan Hudson was writing an update to our procedure for working groups
but I don't think it was ever released.  Alan, is there a draft template
that we might work with?

Often it is a good idea to have a special meeting face-to-face if that
is possible to ensure that everyone's ideas are properly considered.
Perhaps this would be an extended teleconference/videoconference.

This is getting a bit trickier as we try to work across all time zones
(America Europe Asia).

>     What is the location of the wiki pages that will describe the 
> working groups?

There are 2 wikis for working groups:  public and private (members only)

Public wiki

Member page

Private wiki (after login as Web3D Consortium member)

So each working group can have both if they like.  You can also have a
regular web address under web3d.org.  It is helpful to have someone
volunteer to serve as webmaster, and to have multiple people contribute
to the wiki.

>     An MR teleconference meeting between Korea and Germany will be 
> scheduled soon.
>     I am arranging the time for the meeting. After that, Gerard 
> Jounghyun Kim will run the meeting.

Thank you for your efforts.  This will be an important meeting.
We can follow up during the next call.

>     3) Mobile WG, proposed by Myeong Won Lee (The University of Suwon)
>     Is this WG not necessary for the Web3D Consortium, and should it be 
> part of the X3D WG?
>     If then, the proposal will be postponed.

I think it would be good to discuss goals and results for Mobile as part
of the X3D Working Group, and then decide if a separate group would be
necessary.  The prospective participants and contributors in such activity
will be the best people to decide this.  Probably this is an important
question for the upcoming study group to consider also.

There is some initial prose for this effort on the public side at

Myeong-Won will attach the Call for Participation (CFP) for the Mobile Study
Group (SG) there.  Further details appear in item 3 below.

> 2. Progress of new proposals
>     1) Units proposal (Myeong Won Lee)
>     2) Projective texture mapping (Kwan-Hee Yoo)
>     3) Mixed reality visualization (Gun Lee)
>     4) CAD translation to X3D (Pranveer Singh Rathore and Soonhung Han)
>     5) H-Anim motion data definition (Myeong Won Lee)
>     6) Mobile X3D functions (Myeong Won Lee)
>     7) Geometric medical data  (Kwan Hee Yoo)
>     8) X3D Digital Textbook (Kwan Hee Yoo)
>     Details about the items will be discussed whenever there are updates.

Looking forward to continued progress.

> 3. SC24 Mobile X3D SG Workshop, June 27 (Sun), 2 - 6 pm, 2010, Busan, Korea
>     The first SC24 Mobile X3D SG Workshop will be held the day before 
> the SC24 Meeting.
>     The SC24 Plenary and WG Meetings will be held June 28 - July 2, 2010 
> in Busan, Korea.
>     In order to prepare presentation materials for the workshop, Korean 
> SC24 members
>     will attend the 2010 Korean SC24 workshop January 28 in Phenix Park, 
> Gangwon-do, Korea.
>     It will be at the same venue as the Korean HCI conference, held 
> January 27-29.
>     Through this workshop, we will have several standardization items 
> for mobile 3D.
>     We would like to expand the scope for the Study Group and submit a 
> proposal about
>     this at the SC24 plenary meeting this year. We would like to change 
> the study group's name
>     to Mobile 3D Study Group or Mobile Graphics Study Group. Korean SC24 
> WG7
>     and WG8 members will want to join the study group, too. I must 
> discuss this with Dick before the
>     SC24 meetings.
>     We would like to invite Web3D Consortium members to present their 
> topics
>     concerning mobile graphics standardization at the Study Group 
> workshop in June.

This all sounds great.


- will it be possible for people to submit a point paper and (if accepted)
	deliver it remotely and answer questions, rather than travel, will
	that be possible?  That might achieve a little bit more participation.

- can the results of the study group be presented at the Web3D Symposium
	just prior to SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles 24-25 July 2010.  This is
	one month later, so it would be good timing.  This could be a
	panel session or a special presentation.  Please consider this
	possibility.  It might also increase participation in the study

Text and pdf for the call are now available at

Len can you please work with Myeong Won to get her upload permissions
working properly.

> 4. 2010 Korean chapter plan
>     The Korean chapter will prepare schedules to participate in the 2010 
>     Consortium, and to organize the 2010 Web3D Seoul meeting. 
> Considering Don's schedule,
>     the Web3D Seoul meeting may be better held during 2010 SIGGRAPH ASIA.
>     Detailed plans will be prepared in a couple of months.

Thanks for the advance planning.  I cannot yet confirm a visit in
December for SIGGRAPH ASIA though I do hope to attend.  That will
be held Seoul 7-10 December 2010.  http://www.siggraph.org/asia2010

For the moment, both Dick and I plan to attend the Busan study group
and ISO meeting in late June.

> 5. Next Korean chapter meeting time
>    February 8, Monday, at 5:10pm PST (February 9, Tuesday, at 9:10pm 
> Korea time)
>    OR
>    February 22, Monday, at 5:10pm PST (February 23, Tuesday, at 9:10pm 
> Korea time)
>    Holidays are held in Korea on the third week of February.

We agreed to meet Monday February 8.  Hopefully the Mixed Reality
meeting with Johannes can occur before then.

Thank you very much for another productive meeting.

all the best, Don
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