[Korea-chapter] CAD Working Group meeting (17:00 PST, November 15th) - minutes

Hyokwang Lee adpc9 at partdb.com
Thu Nov 15 21:49:36 PST 2012

Attendees : Don Brutzman, Richard F. Puk, Hyokwang Lee

- A cad teapot with CAD ProductStructure demonstration with modified 
X3DOM code by Vince
You can enjoy his demonstration at 
Opinions were asked for about Vince's addition of the CAD nodes to X3DOM.

- Discussion on X3D Issues for CAD
We had satisfactory discussions on
* Annex H CADInterchange profile - Add Inline
* Figure 27.3 - NurbsSweptSurface - Issues with Figure
* Figure 27.4 - NurbsSwungSurface - Issues with Figure

> - Work in progress (to be discussed if necessary)
> * NURBS component(vince)
> * X3D Validator(Don)
> * CAD working group strategies for NURBS and for B-REPS

> * Liaison with TC 184/SC 4 : Soonhung Han
Soonhung Han, the liaison to JTC1/SC24 and Web3D of ISO/TC184/SC4,
attended ISO/TC184/SC4 meeting at Miami, and had a presentation on X3D
for Light 3D visualization.

> * CADFace spec (Don)
Topics not discussed today will be done at a follow-up call next week.
Its schedule will be noticed. (probably at 4pm PST next Monday)

Thank you for your interets and participations.

With best your wishes
Hyokawng Lee

> ================================================================
> - Building a set of example models to confirm correct operation
>   and encourage the evolution of best practices : Teapot illustrations!
> - A cool logo for CAD working group : One candidate is the Stamp X3D 
> model!
> ================================================================
A new version of the X3D Stamp model, with full capitalization, and 
vivid coloring by Vince.
Multiple images and files on 

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