[Korea-chapter] [X3D] CAD Working Group meeting minutes

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Wed Sep 12 18:11:34 PDT 2012

On 9/11/2012 6:36 PM, Hyokwang Lee wrote:
> CAD Working group meeting is on SEptember 12th Wed at 5:00pm PDT.( September 13th Thu at 09:00am KST).
> H-Anim meeting will be at 18:00 PDT.
> Agenda items for CAD WG teleconference are as follows.
> - Wrap-up of the meetings and BoF in LA

All good, website wiki is mostly updated.

I have again asked Fraunhofer to release their wonderful slides and video from SIGGRAPH
demonstrating CAD use cases and dramatic capabilities.

Hyo has an excellent new slideset from the ISO SC24 meeting 20-25 August in Brussels.
He will place that on the wiki.

> - Other Issues/News
> - Work in progress (to be discussed if needed)
> * CADFace spec (Don)

Mantis issue is now linked under CAD items for X3D v3.4

> * X3D Validator(Don)

Several small DTD and Schema changes.  Up to date.

> * NURBS component(vince)

Vince sent two excellent new scenes and snapshots.

We reviewed and prepared for publication on the Web3d Example pages two additional examples: NurbsPatchImageTexture (as a NURBS example) and StampX3dLetter for the CAD examples. Suggestion was made to NOT reference the image texture file (AxesTexture.png) in a "required" meta node but instead as an Image meta node (in the header section).

Reviewed that the StampX3dLetters model used TrimmedNurbsSurface nodes, and is only correctly rendered in the Octaga v2 browser and in the version of Xj3D that includes the NURBS component.  The following page reports status for X3D Nurbs implementations.

Scenes are now checked into sourceforge subversion and published at Web3D:


Nurbs Patch Image Texture

Stamp X3D Letters

- Can we get the X 3 D letters in R G B?
- Can Shapeways publish it?
- Can Anita sell X3D keychains?  I'll buy some, they make great gifts..  8)

> * Possibility of liaison with TC 184/SC 4

Professor Soonhung Han was named as liaison to TC184 from SC24.
We will talk to him more about future possibilities.

> * CAD working group strategies for NURBS and for B-REPS

We will meet next Monday 6 pm pacific, Tuesday 1000 Korea KST,
to review the status of all X3D NURBS implementations, and then
publish an announcement reporting work needed for consistent
interoperability.  We will also update/finalize the jgeom site
on SourceForge, which is a recently donated open-source NURBS
implementation (pretty famous actually) in Java.

Other news: we are hoping to move Xj3D source history completely
over to SourceForge in the near future.  At that point, further
integration and NURBS development can continue.  Meanwhile the
NPS branch is 99+ % synchronized with the main trunk.

all the best, Don
Don Brutzman  Naval Postgraduate School, Code USW/Br       brutzman at nps.edu
Watkins 270,  MOVES Institute, Monterey CA 93943-5000 USA   +1.831.656.2149
X3D graphics, virtual worlds, navy robotics http://faculty.nps.edu/brutzman
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