[Korea-chapter] MINUTES: [h-anim] H-Anim WG meeting, September 12th, 6:00pm PDT (13th, 10:00am KST)

William O Glascoe wglascoe at csc.com
Wed Sep 12 19:55:45 PDT 2012

The meeting convened at 9:20 pm Eastern and adjourned at 10:00 pm Eastern. 

William Glascoe, Dick Puk, Don Brutzman and Myeong Won Lee were in 

Action Items: 

Reach out to  Military Health System's (i.e, Integration Program Office 
for the iEHR, Military Services' Surgeon Generals offices and the Veterans 
Health Administration) Chief Medical Information Officers, Chief 
Information Officers to get involved in the H-Anim working group (assigned 
to W. Glascoe)
Invited Roger Nelson (Motionwerx) to join the H-Anim working group 
(assigned to W. Glascoe)
Invited Jon von Burg (EMotion FX) to join the H-Anim working group 
(assigned to D. Brutzman)
Draft the objective and outline for an H-Anim presentation, and/or short 
course, and/or poster  for 6th Annual Federal Consortium for Virtual 
Worlds (assigned to D. Brutzman, Myeong Won Lee and W. Glascoe)
Write H-Anim Use Cases (assigned to: All working group members)

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Subject:        [h-anim] H-Anim WG meeting, September 12th, 6:00pm PDT 
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The H-Anim WG meeting will be held with agenda items as follows:
1. Review of comments on ISO new work item document 

- William's comments

*** Myeong's reply to William's comments were acceptable. 

- John's comments

***Detailed answers were left out on purpose. The technical details are 
appropriate for the actual specification update in the working group.

- Dick's comments

****Dick suggested 19775-1 X3D, leaving off the calendar year so there is 
no chance of tying our work to an obsolete version during this 36-month 
effort. Dick reminded us that an Annex for a mapping to VRML needs to be a 
work item for the H-Anim update. Same for X3D (node signatures) 
specification. [change specification for VRML and X3D specification]. Dick 
should provide language (potential action item) to Myeong about this to 
include in the NWIP. Dick reminded us until we have text "ready to go", 
don't submit NWIP. 

2. Review of NWIP scope

***Don thinks the updated specification is "spot on".
We will update the NWIP's scope after reviewing the comments. 

***Myeong didn't totally understand one of John's questions about Scale 
orientation. William mentioned the "Incredible Hulk" Use Case. Don 
reminded us we are interested in the "a way not the Best way" to implement 
the H-Anim update. It's not about following every possible algorithm in 
the universe, but what tasks is H-Anim designed support. (Don).

Don proffered Next steps for this working group. 

1. Solicit comments from all representative stakeholders (see action 
2. Update Working Group charter for Web3D Consortium Board of Directors' 
3. Decide if our NWIP has the right level of detail. Post publicly (Game 
Industry, Healthcare Industry, Security Industry, ... )

3. Scheduling next meetings

September's regular teleconferences will be held as follows:

(1st Wed) September 5th at 5:00pm PDT (6th, 9:00am KST): Skipped
(2nd Wed) September 12th at 5:00pm PDT (13th, 9:00am KST): CAD WG
(2nd Wed) September 12th at 6:00pm PDT (13th, 10:00am KST): H-Anim WG ==> 
this week
(3rd Wed) September 19th at 5:00pm PDT (20th, 9:00am KST): AR WG
(4th Wed) September 26th at 5:00pm PDT (27th, 9:00am KST): Korea Chapter
The 4th Wednesday teleconference will be replaced by e-Learning SIG 
meeting if the SIG plans a teleconference.
And, we would like change regular teleconferences a little as below:

>From October: 

1st Wendesday at 5pm PDT ==> H-Anim WG 
2nd Wendesday at 5pm PDT ==> CAD WG 
3rd Wendesday at 5pm PDT ==> AR WG 
4th Wendesday at 5pm PDT ==> Korea Chapter or e-Learning SIG 
In addition, we may hold extra meetings whenever we need to discuss urgent 
issues, or if there are a lot of issues. In this case, we will announce 
them at least one week before. 

Myeong Won Lee 
College of IT, U. of Suwon 
Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, 445-743 Korea 
Tel) +82-31-220-2313, +82-10-8904-4634 
E-mail) mwlee at suwon.ac.kr
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