[Korea-chapter] [h-anim] [X3D] H-Anim WG meeting, August 14, 5:00pm PDT (15th, 9:00am KST) minutes

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Sorry I missed meeting. My internet system collapsed here.
Anyway, I agree with Don about improving the structure and functioning 
of the models produced by Myeong and all. Like much of my work where I 
am learning as I go along, it is a case of starting off with unclear 
intent. I hope it is clear that in order ot be usefull, the models 
must meet some HAnim LOA and be designed with knowledge of present and 
future HAnim intents. This is a great start and I hope you and all can 
continue learning HAnim by making these into comforming examples. 
Besides, I really don't think there is much hope of plugging bvh 
captures into these models until the skeleton is correct. So, of 
course I still think the very best advice you could have received at 
the start of the modeling project is: Start by building yourself a 
target skeleton.

All Best Regards,

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> here are some notes from the meeting.  Myeong Won Lee, please 
> improve them if needed.
> Attendees:  Myeong Won Lee, Dick Puk, Don Brutzman
> On 8/13/2013 9:17 PM, Myeong Won Lee wrote:
>> The H-Anim WG meeting will be held with agenda items as follows:
>> (Please add your agenda items that you would like to discuss)
>> 1. H-Anim characters
>>    - 10 characters: wrl, x3d, texture image
>>    The characters are on the H-Anim Wiki as follows:
>> http://web3d.org/wiki/index.php/H-Anim#Resources
> thanks, please see separate emails (sent during meeting) to review 
> incremental changes to the source forge version
>> 2. The H-Anim motion viewer is under revision based on updates to 
>> the
>> 10  characters,
>>     including hierachy and center coordinates.
> good - let's fix 1Jin, then try to convert to produce model 2 
> without as many errors, then finally make changes by hand as needed 
> once the correct pattern is understood.
>>     Goal examples for motion capture inclusion:
>>     1) x3d h-anim + bvh ==> x3d h-anim (using interpolator)
>>     2) x3d h-anim + bvh ==> new h-anim (using direct insertion of 
>> mocap
>> data)
> This sounds really exciting.  I recently posted some references to 
> past work, hopefully that helps.
> Joe has expressed some concerns about BVH previously that it was 
> frame-by-frame based, rather than interploation based.  It will be 
> interesting to see how you handle this.
>> 3. H-Anim Wiki update
>>     - NWIP documents submitted to ISO
>>    & nbsp;
>> http://web3d.org/wiki/index.php/H-Anim#New_work_items_and_working_draft
> OK - see note 4 below.
>>     - H-Anim characters
>> http://web3d.org/wiki/index.php/H-Anim#Resources
> These are helpful but are intermediate.  As noted above,
> - i await your next change or review of Jin and model 2
> - we will fix all of the models to match all specification rules and 
> best practices
> - we will post all final examples in sourceforge in the Web3D 
> archive above.
>> 4. Preparation of SC24 Plenary & WG meetings (August 26th-30th, 
>> Sydney)
> Charles Whitlock of ISO SC24 has informed us that a 3-month review 
> period is needed prior to approval.
> August 8 - November 8 is the ballot period.  So these won't be 
> approved at the Sydney meeting later this month, but they are likely 
> to be discussed, which is good.
> KATS and other ISO national bodies are encouraged to review and 
> comment on these NWIPs.
> Myeong Won Lee will prepare draft slides about H-Anim for review 
> next week's meeting.
> Anita and Leonard are requested to provide the online link to the 
> SIGGRAPH 2013 Report which has many useful, informative references.
>> 5. Scheduling next meeting
>> (3rd Wed) August 21st at 5:00pm PDT (22nd, 9:00am KST) OR
>> (1st Wed) September 4th at 5:00pm PDT (5th, 9:00am KST)
> The dates sound good to us.  Thanks everyone.
> all the best, Don
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