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 >It is web3d-announce at web3d.org.

I have announce at web3d.org are they the same? I am copying both emails here. 
Can you send me the password for web3d-announce at web3d.org

I need to send registration announcements today. 

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There is a specific mailing list that needs to be used when sending messages to all Consortium and WG lists. It is web3d-announce at web3d.org. 
It distributes to the other working group mailing lists without the need to manual approval of messages. It is especially important for all time-critical messages because it may take up to a week for approval. (I clean out mail queues on a weekly basis if the WG chairs have not done so.)

The Web3D-Announce list also allows individuals to sign up, but they cannot post to the list. At this time, only you are allowed to post to the list without moderation (manual process). Please use this list for all future Consortium-wide posts.

Thank you.

Leonard Daly
Webmaster, Web3D.org
Electronic Services, Web3D Consortium

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