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Tue Mar 15 10:58:39 PDT 2022

    /This is the Web3D Program mailing list. It's primary purpose is to
    ease communication between potential and actual program contributors
    and Program planning committee members involved Web3D 2022
    Conference in Paris on Nov 14-18.//
    //This list is configured to allow anyone to post to it - you do not
    need to be a member to send the list a message. Access to the
    archives is intended to be private, but it is not strictly enforced.
    Membership in the list requires confirmation of a List Administrator.//
    //The list is configured to accept messages up to 40KB in size. That
    should cover all general inquiries. Documents (including papers,
    etc) generally won't fit. It is possible to create a folder on
    GDrive in the Program folder for specific submissions. You must be a
    member of the planning committee to create a new folder./

Leonard Daly
Webmaster, Web3D.org
Electronic Services, Web3D Consortium
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