[semantics-public] Function and form

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Mon Dec 16 15:16:07 PST 2019

Function is real behavior and is measurable science. Form is imaginary
structure, symbolic and religious.  If function is desired, should we
convert over to functional X3D encodings?   Why do we cling to illusory
form and structure over behavior?

As far as I can tell, X3DJSAIL Java bean encoding of X3D is the best thing
we have going. It's not true Object Oriented(OO)--setters should not be
used and objects should be immutable according to some folks, but it's a
good first step.

I think functional programming also follows "most things are immutable"

I have not checked the current Python Scenegraphs to see if they use
constructor arguments to initialize fields.  I am unsure if Python is
classified as OO.

Immutability is good for thread safety.  JavaScript does not have threads,
unless they are webworkers. Or WebGL???

More things are moving into the graphics card, so we need to be mindful of
parallel programming.

I've got to focus on the TypeScript -> JavaScript SAI.

What is the behavior of the form "triangle"?  How do I escape into the
functional world simply?  It seems like forms provide "shortcuts" for

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