[WWW-Vrml] ANN: OpenVRML 0.18.3

Braden McDaniel braden at endoframe.com
Thu Aug 13 00:16:04 PDT 2009

OpenVRML 0.18.3 is now available.  The distribution can be obtained


OpenVRML is a C++ runtime library for VRML97 and X3D worlds.  It is
capable of reading and displaying VRML/X3D; it can be used for creating
loaders, file converters, and VRML/X3D browsers.

OpenVRML includes an out-of-process viewer component for use in X11
environments along with hosts for this component in the form of a
Mozilla browser plug-in and a stand-alone player.

You can find OpenVRML on the Web at


New in OpenVRML 0.18.3:

- Fixes for building on Windows.

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