[X3D-Public] TCNI, a leading 3D technology company joins the Web3D Consortium

Len Bullard cbullard at hiwaay.net
Wed Apr 22 16:40:29 PDT 2009

So.  More toys or plugs.  The chutzpah about "standards" is boilerplate du
jour.  Real standards aren't launched that way.   Products are.

As a product vendor, welcome to the party.  As an artist, I already know
that without an object specification it is just an API to their engines.
I'm tired of rehosting content for vendor wars who already have a standard
much less ones who do because they just had to build their own.   It gets
old being the guinea for geeks coding against each other for sport and
egoboo.  I use Vivaty, Bit Management, Cortona, Octaga, because for most
cases, the do run the same content.  Anything one of them doesn't, the other
one does.   

Wee!!  I don't want to ever produce 3D from the engine.   Too low.  I
realize there are those who do and are the real geniuses of the trade but as
an amateur with a petaDegree, I don't have the time.  I want the toys they
build to build the toys I build.  Every time a new plugin emerges, we wait
for the tools and the operative terms is WAIT.

As the vulture said, "Patience My A@@! Ahm gonna kill me something."

IOW, this whole "3D doesn't start without a web standard" is old school.  We
have standards.  We have technology.  We have content.  We don't have a
party where we carry One victor out and they are the web3DKings.  So thanks
but no thanks, as long as those real X3D browsers are there, that is what I
am going to use because I know they work and have worked well for over a

Adopt X3D?  That means more than consuming XML.  It means behavioral
fidelity.   The question about that is do X3D browsers pass those tests.

Standards are hard documents to write.  Reasons vary. 

But this to Google whoever they are:  the only standards worth a damm right
now for high dollar content are the X3D family because they are the ONLY 3D
standards that HAVE a lifecycle n greater than 1.

Survival IS the Test.  

OTOH, go to the Google moderation page and vote for X3D/VRML97.  No, don't
lose VRML.  That very basic scene graph built into VRML maps quite well to
all the others.  A standard must be common.

X3D is VRML97 is IP unencumbered.  It is the best deal for everyone.   X3D
is a bigger and later specification, but it is the right one to implement


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Looks like an opportunity to take X3D and generate O3D code similar to  
how they generate O3D code from Collada.




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