[X3D-Public] Shader programming and URLs in X3D

John A. Stewart alex.stewart at crc.ca
Wed May 13 11:56:18 PDT 2009

Hi All;

I'm verifying the Shader support code in FreeWRL, and I have a question.

The url field, can it contain the source, or does it always have to  
designate a file? eg, with scripting, one can have a url starting with  
"javascript ..." and it will be treated as source, not as a url.

See 9.2.3 of 19775-1:2008 for "Scripting language protocols"

So, what happens when the source of a shader is present in the X3D  
file? How do we determine if this is the source, or if it is to be  
treated as a url/urn?

eg, can we have something like:
	url " varying vec3 myvar; ..."

I can't find any reference, but maybe I'm just not seeing the forest  
for the trees.


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