[X3D-Public] [Fwd: X3D + HTML5 meeting minutes May 19 2009]

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.navy.mil
Wed May 20 08:51:55 PDT 2009

[plain text copy of minutes]

What: 		Web3D HTML5 meeting May 19 2009
present: 		Johannes Behr, Don  Brutzman,  John Stewart
absent: 		Joe Williams

Web page: 	http://www.web3d.org/x3d/wiki/index.php/X3D_and_HTML5

Synopsis:		Discussion revolved around Johannes Behr's paper, x3ddom.pdf - "A DOM-based HTML5/X3D Integration Model" and how to best integrate with the W3D HTML5 working group.


Don: Speed of DOM parsing is not seen as an issue.

Johannes: try and keep internal X3D routing structure for speed;

Don: DOM centeric approach, or DOM and SAI integration?

Johannes: decision required - create in-place rendering system, add SAI interface to X3D, or out of place rendering system - out of place - can have other rendering environements.

Johannes: parts of content in DOM model; still scales because can use Inlines for content that should not be in DOM - import/export so do not have to have all X3D nodes in DOM. Inline - already there. Inlines have their own namespaces; no need to replicate with DOM.

Don: Other people outside of our community will implement scenegraph/browser, etc; so DOM is the scenegraph interface; applications will emerge from enterprise space. 

Johannes: exactly, this is not for the next "second life", but for the next ui. 


Johannes - will start a section in the WIKI to describe their DOM-based Integration Model; terse, skeleton outline of the ideas presented in the paper. (Action 1)

Johannes - Once the overview is on the WIKI,  we will try to get people from HTML group involved.

Don - tasks in wiki - simple bullet - identify areas of mutual interest- (see url above)

Johns - attended HTML5 telephone conf call last Thursday; introduced myself, then listened to call.

Don - split wiki list tasks technical and administration/work process. (Action 2 - Don)

Don - Johannes - take ownership of tasks API details and bring more clarity to that task, once API details are in WIKI.

Don - push "Hello" message to html5 list - and hear their perception of what is missing/needed.

Don - when we do push this out to the HTML5, we must ensure that our purpose - twofold, 1) brief HTML5 WG on our directions, 2) to hear what feedback the HTML5 WG gives back to us. (Action 3 - Don) (Later discussions - Action 3 should come once Action 1 is complete)


JohnS - Johannes' paper should go up in members only area?

Johannes/Don - paper can be placed on-line as an introduction....

Don - For the WIKI page, if click on tab for watch - you get to see what changes are made to the page; if this is a significant change, you will be emailed. Good for whatching how our process evolves. (Action 4 = ALL)

Don - All - Email subject line- use "HTML5" in Subject Line so that our mail filters get to direct discussions correctly.

Johannes - HTML5 member Philip Taylor (pjt47 at cam.ac.uk) has done some design work on X3D via javascript.

Johannes/Don - Philip Taylor: http://philip.html5.org/ can he put his messages and  a link to his tests in our WIKI?

Johannes - Philip Taylor - X3D runtime in Javascript - Uses X3D inside DOM model; for rendering he uses canvas3d (the chronos extension)


Action items:

1) Johannes to outline proposal on WIKI page.

2) Don - Split WIKI tasks into two groups.

3) Don - Hello message to HTML5 list (after Action1 is complete)

5) All - put a watch on the WIKI page. 

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