[X3D-Public] Challenge for X3D + HTML5

John A. Stewart alex.stewart at crc.ca
Thu May 21 05:56:40 PDT 2009


As usual, you have an interesting and fun angle on things.

>   Is there any terminal emulator implemented in X3D or VRML?  Or  
> should that be my next project?  I guess there have been graphical  
> attempts at shells.  I am not referring to a shell, I am referring  
> to something that will run a shell or emacs or vi, or other old  
> school programs (the original rogue, nethack etc).

Speaking with my FreeWRL-only hat on, I think that this would be  
trivial with FreeWRL's EAI, especially when I get around to finishing  
documenting our C interface; how it would work with the SAI, I will  
not comment on.

The reason that I say that the EAI as implemented by FreeWRL is that  
in this environment, the X3D viewer acts as a visual aid to a behind  
the scenes program; so one can have quite powerful algorithms (multi  
threaded, networked, etc) running, while letting X3D do what it does  
best. (we have EAI interfaces to Java, C, and one of our colleagues  
has implemented a Tcl interface to FreeWRL)

I will leave others more informed with all that the SAI can do to to  
respond -  although FreeWRL has the Java SAI classes, my knowledge of  
the scope of SAI applications is limited.

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