[X3D-Public] Remove dynamically added scenes

Barry Nauta bnauta at vub.ac.be
Wed Nov 11 11:07:22 PST 2009

Hi all,

Following the ajax3d guidelines, I dynamically add scenes, the goal is to
display buildings. All the buildings are initially boxes. Upon selection of
one of the buildings, I would like to change the viewpoint to this building
(this works) and replace the selected building by a new one, one with a much
higher resoltion.

To do this, I would like to remove the old version of the building and add
the new one, or perform some sort of replace. The problem is that I have no
clue how to do this.

I have a reference to the scene, but there is no "browser.removeScene" call.
I have tried it with a call to removeRootNode, but that doesn't work...

Anyone any suggestions?

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