[X3D-Public] Accelerometer environment sensor

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Wed Nov 18 09:57:15 PST 2009

Dave wrote:
> Don,
> Cool! Very clever that CSS guy. After I wrote this I realized that such
> things would be likely,
> that external code could drive SAI, and that external code could
> (hopefully) access
> such devices.

perhaps an X3D author using an X3D browser which utilizes the HTML
browser's javascript engine would have access to these functions

hey Johannes, can X3DOM read the accelerometer already?   8)

> Keith Victor has been doing some thinking on a node for it. I would bet
> that BM and Fraunhofer
> have too, not really sure. I can draft up something if nobody else has,
> would like others' input
> of course.
> While we are at it, access to the hardware compass and GPS would also be
> very nice. Again, probably
> could be driven externally, but having them handy is also, well, handy.

yes we should think through Compass and GPS issues as well, we don't want
to define a partial and possibly incomplete/incompatible solution with
just AccelerationSensor.

all the best, Don
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