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steve smith stevesmith58 at live.com
Fri Apr 27 01:06:50 PDT 2012

The herwales.co.uk/iron/xd model is strictly a 
benchmark to see how far we can go with the model size and find optimum 
LOD levels for different networks. Not meant for any other kind of use.
benchmark model is maintained on x3dom, Copperlicht, Instant Player 2, 
Bitmanagement Contact 7, Cortona 6 (VRML97), Cosmo 2 (VRML) and game engines : Unity, UKD & Blender.
 most of these platforms we have developed LOD systems which dynamically
 load content so, on slow networks, the highest res never gets loaded 
(The scenes are authored in the Chrome web browser using the Ink Cloud 
The herwales.co.uk scene is actually tiny, the full version is 16GB of terrain and runs ok over 2mbs networks using Contact.
 the herwales Roman model, with x3dom the Chrome memory use goes  over 
1GB during load (then drops to 600m) - Contact browser never goes above 
180m and frame rate is 35fps.So x3dom is currently never going to handle anything but tiny demo models on a netbook.
Among the many things x3dom needs to resolve is its terrain following and the black flashes during LOD transitions.But we love it cos its plugin free browsing tho we will hold back another 6 months and watch the benchmark.Frame rates improve steadily and javascript speed and memory use gets better with every browser version. 
Steve SmithAberystwyth

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