[X3D-Public] [Standards] Any JID domain register.

Sven-Erik Tiberg Sven-Erik.Tiberg at ltu.se
Tue Jan 24 01:35:38 PST 2012

Our intention are to use XMPP in RT applications with interactive nodes using  X3D clients or HTML5/X3D browsers and simulation server nodes using primarily Mathworks/Simulink with custom PseudoRT modules.

To transmit states in the X3D-MultiUser-space we will use XMPP trough strophe.js based scripts in the clients and libstrophe.c for the calculation servers.

We are presently setting up XMPP www.ejabberd.im  servers as cluster on Win 2008R2 and on Ubuntu 11.10  at our network separated by our network segment firewalls.
Thanks for the links to available Jabber server providers http://www.jabberes.org/servers/ and XMPP servers http://xmpp.org/resources/public-services/ 

Jabber / XMPP clients are addressed as a JID "username"@"jabber domain". 
Jabber domain are setup in jabberservers as virtual hosts and do not need to have the same name as the servers internet domain name.
It can have any name as a jabber domain are only used between jabber clients and jabber servers, and between jabber servers.
A jabber domain structure and package transport can be described as a virtual jabber network routed on internet network. 

A client running a jabber / XMPP application need to take two steps to access the jabber domain virtual network, first connect to a jabberserver by using a IP-adress or DNS-name then login / register to a JID "username"@"jabber domain".

As jabber / XMPP can route packages to other Jabber/XMPP domain servers based on the JID, we could need a structure in naming jabber domins.
Normally the jabber domain name are set the same as the organizations internet domain name like in our case ltu.se but we are free to name it as in an example from xmpp.org JID = aalborg at dk.lib where .lib points to libraries, @dk. to Denmark and Aalborg@ to the library in a jabber account at aalborg library in Denmark. A JID at our cities library would be lulea at se.lib.

My suggestion are to use @"your jabber server"."some sub group".transport.sim  for Multi User states transport addressing in driver simulators.
Similar @"your jabber server"."some sub group".process.sim  for Multi User states transport addressing in process industries between ( virtual ) control rooms and real/virtual factories .
An other application could be MultiMedia conferences @"your jabber server"."some sub group".shared_application.conf 

Appreciate any comments on this.

/Sven-Erik Tiberg

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