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John Stewart alex.stewart at crc.ca
Thu Jul 5 05:02:45 PDT 2012

Hi Rk;

> A while ago NIST published a vrml test-suite. (http://xsun.sdct.itl.nist.gov/~mkass/vts/html/vrml.html ?).

I believe that Don Brutzman has these examples coded in XML for X3D now.

> Has freeWRL undergone validation on those lines ?. Is there a test-report to that effect.

The answer WAS yes; but slight issue with texture mapping on Text node fonts, because the fonts NIST used were not in the public domain, so the fonts that are in the public domain are slightly different.

> I have been aware of freeWRL for a while but am beginning to take a look at it for application development. I downloaded the windows binary. I managed to get past basic models but the embedded EAI program choked quite early. (browser.getNode() function).

You should join the FreeWRL mailing list, and ask Dave Joubert that question; he is just finishing a big rewrite of the EAI server side of the FreeWRL code. There's no problem coming/going on the list; I can either subscribe/unsubscribe you, or you can do it yourself:


We will all admit that the code is a bit "hairy" in that there's lots of it, but just ask questions.


John A. Stewart

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