[X3D-Public] X3D SAI, Java Language Bindings, compilation order

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Thu Jan 2 08:39:20 PST 2014

Happy New Year everyone.

Dick and I met today and worked a bit on revisions to

X3D language bindings, Part 2:  Java
Annex A (normative): Constructs in Compilation Order

    A.1 Introduction and topics
    A.2 Class hierarchy
    A.3 Compilation order

I don't see why we ought to retain "Compilation order" as a section since such an ordering is optional in any case.  The title of the annex might then be renamed as Class Hierarchy.  It should likely stay Normative to ensure that implementations are consistent.

Please advise if anyone thinks we should retain this section.


all the best, Don
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