[X3D-Public] interest in network sensor / client based server software

Christoph Valentin christoph.valentin at gmx.at
Mon Jan 6 11:32:16 PST 2014

Hi Doug

There are a lot of possible solutions about "client based server software".

Let me explain the *experimental* approach of the SMUOS Framework http://smuos.sourceforge.net

> Q. Session 1:1 avatar 1:M Controllers 1:1 ControllableObjects?
> Q. should each object being created get the sessionID of the creating user, perhaps as metadata or mangled into the DEF name? Is the user that creates an object always 'the owner'/'the controller'? And so when that user session ends all the objects associated need to be cleaned out?

1) avatar 1:1 user 1:1 session N:1 multiuser session 1:1 chat room
  (this is according to MU example from BM homepage)
2) scene 1:K module 1:L static object
    static objects are children of modules
3) scene 1:M universal object class 1:P dynamic model (not yet implemented)
    dynamic objects are children of "universal object classes"
    and may change the module (not yet implemented)

Now to the controllers:
4) scene 1:1 central controller for overall aspects of the scene
5) static object 1:1 object controller (static) - if the object is active in any scene instance
6) dynamic model 1:1 object controller (dynamic) - if the model is active in any scene instance

Now where the controllers are located:
7) Avatars are controlled by the scene instance of their user
  (this is according to MU example from BM homepage)
8) Central controller is rearranged during startup and teardown of session
9) Central controller assigns module controller role to modules
10 Object controller roles follow the module controller of their parent module
11) Objects and models are controlled by the scene instance
    that holds the module controller of the parent module
    This does not depend on any user (objects and models have "their own life")
12) Controllers of objects and models might be rearranged from time to time
    E.g. if a session leaves the game or if a module gets inactive
13) The SMUOS Framework cares about assigning controller roles, no problem for the author

Comments any time welcome :-)

Kind regards

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