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Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Wed Oct 1 09:06:41 PDT 2014

p.s. Example geometric shapes of interest (mostly) created with Meshlab and polished/integrated with X3D-Edit are being collected at


and currently include

     Cube With Labeled Sides
     Cylinder Indexed Face Set
     Extrusion Examples Test
     Icosahedron Subdivision Level 1
     Icosahedron Subdivision Level 2
     Icosahedron Subdivision Level 3
     Icosahedron Subdivision Level 4
     Icosahedron Subdivision Level 5
     Mobius Extrusion
     Parallelepiped Examples
     Parallelepiped Prototype
     Sphere With Three Circumference Rings
     Stair Step Prototype
     Triangle Black Lines
     Triangle With Numbers

Icosahedron makes an excellent substitute for Sphere when authors want to control their level of tesselation.  Level 5 is extremely smooth, higher levels are possible in Meshlab.  The default Icosahedron.x3d is level 0, meaning that no further subdivision has occurred from the platonic solid.

MeshLab is an open source, portable, and extensible system for the processing and editing of unstructured 3D triangular meshes.

Meshlab export of X3D works just great. More about Meshlab is found at


p.p.s. On our weekly teleconference this morning, helpful feedback from Dick and Len showed that adding PointLight in the center of each Mobius Extrusion (using local vice global scope) illuminated the interiors nicely.  Screenshot attached.

all the best, Don
Don Brutzman  Naval Postgraduate School, Code USW/Br       brutzman at nps.edu
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