[X3D-Public] JavaScript: Question to SFMatrix3f.set/getTransform

Holger Seelig holger.seelig at yahoo.de
Mon Oct 20 09:34:28 PDT 2014

I cannot figure out what are the second and fourth argument of
SFMatrix.getTransform are, the spec says:

SFMatrix3f .setTransform setTransform (SFVec2f translation,
SFVec3f rotation,
SFVec2f scale,
SFVec3f scaleOrientation,
SFVec2f center)

I can see that a SFVec3f should be used for the rotation arguments, but
I don't know what the three values (x,y,z) stand for. To my
understanding like the TexureTransform node a matrix3 rotation is only a
simple float. I know that simple numbers cannot be passed by value to a
JavaScript function.

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