[x3d-public] [x3d] V4.0 Open discussion/workshop on X3D HTML integration

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Thu Jun 2 20:28:53 PDT 2016

Roy, thanks very much for posting this important list of topics.

Relevant working-group references follow.  A lot of excellent work has been accomplished already.

	X3D Version 4

	Web3D Consortium Standards Strategy

	X3D Graphics Standards: Specification Relationships


	X3D Version 4.0 Development

A 5-10 minute quicklook discussion across these resources might help.  We are pretty far up X3D4 Mountain already!

The posted discussion-topics list is a good start for renewed activity, and an important way to keep track of everyone's many valuable ideas.  Suggestion: create some kind of topics-discussion page, probably easily linked off the preceding wiki page.

My general inputs for each of these topics are guiding questions:

a. What do the HTML5/DOM/CSS/SVG/MathML specifications actually say?

b. How is cross-language HTML page integration actually accomplished, as shown in best practices by key exemplars?

c. What is the minimal addition needed to achieve a given technical goal using current X3D capabilities?

Editorial observation: the word "want" appears 9 times in this list...  Understandable from common usage, but not a very good way to achieve consensus over a long-term effort.  Also not very useful for measuring successful resolution.

Pragmatic engineering rephrase: "what problem are you trying to fix?"

Over 20 years of successful working-group + community efforts can guide us in these endeavors - we know how to succeed together.  An effective path for building consensus is to:
- define goals that are illustrated by use cases,
- derive technical requirements,
-  perform gap analysis, and then
-  execute loosely coordinated task accomplishment according to each participant's priorities.

How to execute each specification addition: write prose, create examples, implement, evaluate. Repeat until done, topic by topic.

It is inspiring to consider how we have more resources, more successes and more lessons learned than ever before in our history.  Looking forward to continued progress together.

all the best, Don
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