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"Motion of each joint changes the position of mesh verticies (see 
JointAnimation). This is controlled by the fields vertexWeights and 
verticies. The verticies field lists the verticies from the mesh (in 
JointAnimation) that this joint can change. ..."

Hi Leonard,
In this part of the text for SkeletalJoint will you please fully 
define the contents of the 'verticies' list?
Basically, how do I identify the points (coordinates) of the mesh to 
be affected by the 'vertexWeights' field.

In this, please note that the HAnim Joint node uses the terms 
skinCoordIndex and skinCoordWeight for this purpose.

That is reasonable naming for that node because it is aiming at mesh 
in the Humanoid 'skin' field but maybe you don't wish to introduce the 
idea of skin here, mesh is fine for this.

However, the term 'coordIndex' would better describe the field that 
identifies the mesh point(s) controlled by this SkeletalJoint node.

Also, the term 'coordWeight' would be better because there is only one 
weight for each point controlled by this node.

It really is rare to attempt to use plurals ('vertices' and 
'vertexWeights') for field names even if more than one, especially if 
there could be just one item in the list.
Example is interpolator 'key' and 'keyValue' where even though there 
are always more than one we don't use the plural form.

Thank You,

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>I have formally submitted the "X3D Next Generation" specification
> document for Working Group review. The document is also publicly
> available at 
> http://tools.realism.com/specification/x3d-next-generation.
> This document describes how X3D (as declarative 3D) is integrated 
> into
> the HTML and DOM environment. Many new nodes are added to bring some
> capabilities up to current industry practice.
> This document is the initial public draft and may be updated or 
> revised
> at any time. The version submitted to the WG is a copy of this 
> content
> taken on 2016-11-03.
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