[x3d-public] passive vs. active mouse isOver event

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On Sun, Nov 6, 2016 at 3:59 PM, Joe D Williams <joedwil at earthlink.net>

> In Tony's old Flux and before, in cosmo and now in BSContct and other
> latest, when the geomtry moves then the isOver becomes active.
> http://www.hypermultimedia.com/ajax3d/AJAX3Dlogo2.x3d
> When the X grows to be under the pointer, then the event happens.

Thanks, this is an excellent example. I tested also in BSContact and
confirm that the isOver event is generated even when the mouse pointer is
not moved actively.

http://titania.create3000.de/cobweb/ lets you paste the URL into the URL
line at the bottom. It will load and cobweb does not generate the isOver
event when the mouse stays fixed (but of course does when the mouse is
moved a little bit).

I tested InstantPlayer as well with this example and it behaves like cobweb.

Doug says FreeWrl behaves like BSContact.

So if most (all?) older x3d browsers generate the isOver event even when
the mouse does not move, at some point there was a reason to have the spec.
say otherwise ?


' Events are not generated if the geometry itself is animating and moving
underneath the pointing device.'

This is sign that sensors are active. Does the event need to be expresed in
> the same frame as the geometry was moved?

In case the mouse was moved, the browser can determine for the current
cascade if the mouse position changed with respect to the last frame and
can then generate the event for the current cascade. This is probably what
I would expect. Similarly, the browser can determine if the geometry moved
since the last frame with respect to the mouse pointer and if appropriate
generate an isOver event for the current cascade.

> I hope it depends upon the the author's choice. Maybe it actually matters
> to the esimulation. Again an important step or steps in the sequence of
> discovering what has happened since the last frame.

Not sure how an author could influence when such events are generated ? It
would be more a spec./browser implementation decision, to me.


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> I noticed that cobweb does not generate an isOver TouchSensor event when
>> the pointing device is not moved actively but the sensed geometry itself
>> moves under the mouse pointer. At first this was surprising to me but
>> after
>> reading
>> http://www.web3d.org/documents/specifications/19775-1/V3.3/
>> Part01/components/pointingsensor.html#TouchSensor
>> this seems to be the expected behaviour since active mouse movement is
>> required to generate events.
>> Do other browser behave the same way ?
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