[x3d-public] SRC progress inquiry; [fwd] Re: Efficient representation for Web formats

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Tue Nov 15 12:27:49 PST 2016

Hello Johannes and Max.  Hope you and the rest of the Fraunhofer team are all doing well.

1. It is nearing the end of 1016, so we are wondering how you view the progress on Shape Resource Container (SRC) and glTF that you've been pursuing.  At SIGGRAPH you thought it might be ready around this time, looking ahead to 2017 standardization efforts by X3D Working Group.



Seems like lots of work continues on the glTF github site... is SRC stable and fully aligned now?

We're happy to dedicate a meeting of X3D Working Group to review progress and plans.  Please advise when might be convenient.

2. Recently EXI contributor Stephen Williams (cc:ed) has posted  interesting information about delta encodings.  He includes some 3D examples which are no doubt familiar.

	Re: Efficient representation for Web formats from Stephen D. Williams on 2016-11-02 (public-exi at w3.org from November 2016)


Wondering if SRC uses delta encoding techniques as part of progressive-mesh refinement?  Perhaps some points in there are helpful.

3.  Looking forward to renewed work on SRC in the coming year.  As ever, thanks for your efforts.



all the best, Don
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