[x3d-public] cobweb_dom release with html support

Andreas Plesch andreasplesch at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 19:55:05 PST 2016


A new release of cobweb_dom is now available from
https://github.com/andreasplesch/cobweb_dom which adds hopefully complete
support for x3d scenes within regular HTML pages. Version 0.8 does not
require use of xhtml  encoding any more. As a side effect, the mark-up for
x3d nodes and attributes is case-insensitive when used on a HTML page.
XHTML encoding remains unchanged, eg. is fully case-sensitive.

HTML support required somewhat deeper changes and additions to cobweb
itself which Holger was quick to accept. Thanks again!

This works because x3d does not actually have node or field or statement
names which need case to be distinguished. It would be very beneficial if
future x3d versions continue this pattern.

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