[x3d-public] dynamic cycleInterval changes

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Fri Nov 25 12:24:24 PST 2016

Here is the specification comment I submitted regarding this issue.  Improvements welcome.

Comment on 19775-1: Abstract X3D Definitions - V3.3
8.4.1 TimeSensor

Issue: TimeSensor cycleInterval needs to be modifiable when running

It is not feasible to modify TimeSensor cycleInterval without major
machinations and likely failure.

Spec sayeth:

8.4.1 TimeSensor
"An active TimeSensor node ignores set_cycleInterval and set_startTime
events. An active TimeSensor node also ignores set_stopTime events for
set_stopTime less than or equal to startTime."

Email discussion illustrates difficulties with modifying cycleInterval
without error.
Subject: dynamic cycleInterval changes

Issues such as event-arrival nondeterminism, usability and HTML5/DOM
interoperability are all interrelated on this topic.

Best place to fix this is in TimeSensor algorithm/code itself.  Necessary
change is to make TimeSensor cycleInterval modifiable when running in order
to avoid two-phase commits and a host of other difficulties.

all the best, Don
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