[x3d-public] Do we want script in X3D JSON? Bubbles in the wind.

yottzumm at gmail.com yottzumm at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 22:39:21 PST 2016

Here’s a question.  Do we want Script like objects (VRML script, JavaScript, EcmaScript) in the JSON encoding?  I know there are security risks, but do we want it?  I think Java is okay.  We can convert the JSON to XML and have the VRMLscripts run in Cobweb.  But we currently have no other environments where scripting is running adequately for JSON that I know of

Should we put some effort to get Scripting working for more JSON environments?  I have an initial starting point, but I think we may need the V4 event model to get the whole thing off the ground.  Now that my reading skills are returning, I may be able to read the X3D event model and get some more ground covered.

Limitations:   Must do eval to get JavaScript working on the web, I think.  Use VRMLscript instead perhaps as an alternative.  I might do some research on VRMLscript to see if I can access it from the JSON or DOM environment.

What are other JSON standards doing about scripting?  Do we have an opportunity here to provide scripting with a declarative JSON framework?

Say I want to implement bubbles blowing in the wind.  How do I declare the scene in X3D JSON?  Or even X3D XML?


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