[x3d-public] candidate geoSystem correction to JSON schema

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Sat May 20 17:56:04 PDT 2017

JSON Schema sayeth

"@geoSystem": {
	"description": "Attempts to validate all possible combinations",
	"oneOf": [
			"type": "array",
			"minItems": 1,
			"maxItems": 3,
			"items": [
					"type": "string",
					"enum": [
					"default": "GD"

while in X3D abstract specification:

25.2.2 Spatial reference frames

Table 25.2 — Supported spatial reference frames

lists GD GC UTM and is followed by special cases GDC and GCC.

Suggest adding enumeration values for "GC", "GCC", "UTM"

However I do see other entries further down for "UTM" and default "GD" (though GD is not also listed there as an enum value).

Example scene for testing is Squaw.x3d with Squaw.json including


Also Mars.x3d and Mars.json with recent updates at


Not quite sure how you are handling things there, hope you can sort it out OK.  TIA.

all the best, Don
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