[x3d-public] Cobweb_dom...Script Magic? Loading DOM subscenes after parent inX3DOM and Cobweb.

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On May 20, 2017 8:46 PM, "John Carlson" <yottzumm at gmail.com> wrote:

I would like to separate the main scene loading from the sub scene loading,
so I can load many, many subscenes, plus it will make coding easier.

I am almost able to do that, but I am not sure when the Scene object loads
in the main scene.

What wasn’t working before was that the child scene was added before it
displayed in Cobweb.  That has been fixed now.

It’s an Inline, but not in typical X3D parlance.  It’s a DOM object added
afterwards, by using a selector on the DOM.

I see. In terms of the X3D event model it would be then be safer to have a
global Group and add the late content as children to this Group. For cobweb
and cobweb_dom, however, this should not be necessary since cobweb treats
Scene as a grouping node already.

I can expand prototypes inline, as the example now shows.  That’s not a
problem, really.  I just want to make a way NOT to expand PROTOs for Cobweb.

A user option in the JSON loader/expander to not expand ?

Yes, I am loading X3DJSON into Cobweb AND X3DOM, using the same DOM tree
(probably not a good idea).

Probably not because X3DOM has quite a few non but almost standard nodes
(such as CommonSurfaceShader) which JSON should also support.

Yes, I am interested in your DOM event which is dispatched when a Scene is
fully loaded.  Could you go and check?  Thanks!

Will do.


After an Inline is fully loaded and appended, a 'x3dload' event is
dispatched and can be listened to on the X3D element.

Cobweb (but not x3dom) fully supports the LoadSensor node, and cobweb_dom
relays the x3d load event as x3d_load dom node event as well.

The SAI may have something when the browser is done loading a scene,
perhaps a browser service.



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parent inX3DOM and Cobweb.

Hi John,

it is difficult for me to see what is not working, in the example. It looks
like it is working but only by using callbacks in custom methods and you
would rather use Promises in reusable fashion ?

By child DOM scenegraph, do you mean a scene which is added as an Inline to
another (parent) scene ? Hm. it looks more like an appended Transform group
which would be quite different.

I think for cobweb_dom I added a dom event which is dispatched when an
Inline or Scene is fully loaded but I would have to go back and check.
Events would be another way to guarantee a sequence of loading.

jquery xhr and regular xhr have mechanisms to allow acting on when a
request is fulfilled (which is I think what you are using).

It may be necessary to come up with a minimal, non-working example which
shows the issue. Is dealing with expanding prototypes related to sequencing

I think you are also trying to show how to load json encoded x3d with x3dom
and cobweb ?

Sorry to be of no more constructive help, eg. asking all the returned


On Sat, May 20, 2017 at 5:23 PM, John Carlson <yottzumm at gmail.com> wrote:

Cobweb_dom, X3DOM experts, I need some help adding a child DOM scenegraph
with prototypes to a parent DOM scenegraph after the primary scene has
been  loaded, and not before. I have an example of loading before the scene
is loaded, and in a callback.  If you have an example with Promises instead
of callback nesting, that would be more ideal, the second $.getJSON()
(child scenegraph) might finish before the first $.getJSON() (parent
scenegraph) if I don’t use promises or callback nesting. Also, Promises
would allow me to separate the parent loading somewhat from the child
loading, and create separate functions.  Also, X3DOM experts can provide an
example with Promises as well.  Meanwhile, I will be reading about Promises.

Here is my example so far:


Viewable here:


The white Box is the subscene of the dolphin scene.

The following related code is from https://github.com/coderextrem

and references code from:


[ actually, I think the last two reference each other – naughty ]

Data is here:

[ child scenegraph ]


[ parent scenegraph ]


Cobweb doesn’t need the prototypeExpander or the flattener (well, it might
have with prototypes in cobweb_dom, but I think the last release fixed
that…haven’t checked—here is a good test for you!).  This is a dual
example, and I haven’t figured out how to conditionally run the
prototypeExpander on only X3DOM code.  Please test without the
PrototypeExpander.js and Flattener.js included, and remove X3DOM, since it
won’t work in that case.  X3DOM folks can include the two JavaScript files
which are here:



You may provide your own appendInline (below) which doesn’t call
loadSchema.  That may be too complex of a download.  That is, you probably
don’t want to do all that JSON schema validation in your example.  Try to
keep my code close to what it is otherwise.

And if you start supporting X3D JSON in your viewers, that would be even



   - Next is passed the element parameter
   - */

function appendInline(element, url, next) {

        $.getJSON(url, function(json) {

                if (typeof prototypeExpander === 'function') {

                        json = prototypeExpander(url, json, "");

                } else {

                        console.error("Perhaps you need to include the


                if (typeof flattener === 'function') {

                        json = flattener(json);

                } else {

                        console.error("Perhaps you need to include the


                // must validate here because we call an inner method.

                loadSchema(json, url, doValidate, function() {

                        ConvertToX3DOM(json["X3D"]["Scene"], "Scene",
element, url);


                }, function(e) {



        }).fail(function(jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown) { alert('getJSON
request failed! ' + textStatus + ' ' + errorThrown); });



   - Next is passed the selected element from selector
   - Selector is the CSS selector to append inline to.
   - */

function loadSubscene(selector, url, next) {

        appendInline(document.querySelector(selector), url, next);



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