[x3d-public] X3DJSAIL: Interesting exception, but ... table for string conversion examples

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Wed May 24 07:21:16 PDT 2017

OK John, thanks for persisting on this one!  Agreed very important... am thinking/hoping I finally understand the mismatch.

Conceptual error: the excess backslashes come from incorrectly trying to represent the XML value in the Java and JSON, rather than trying to represent the in-memory string array that is needed in the Java and JSON.

Possible root cause: specification -> XML -> Xpath -> XSLT -> recursion <- recursion -> .java/.json dizziness!

Email text/html awkwardness coupled with escaping of escaping of escaping hasn't helped us either.

How to regain clarity... let's build an HTML table that compares equivalences for

- value
- rendering
- XML .x3d
- ClassicVRML
- Java

Putting it on an HTML table will help us avoid email twists that occur with reply indenting, mailer issues etc.

If the result makes sense, it will help us "zero in" on specific conversion pairs that are questionable.  If it works, will probably be useful for X3D Scene Authoring Hints.

More to follow in the next day or so...  once we get clear on each curious case, calibrating the stylesheet converters will be straightforward at this point.

all the best, Don
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