[x3d-public] Which of these are necessary containerFields in XML? CADFace field 'shape' is irregular, Mantis issue submitted

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Sun Apr 1 08:12:03 PDT 2018

Mantis issue regarding CADFace submitted for comment and resolution by Design Printing Scanning (CAD) working group.

On 3/27/2018 8:37 PM, Don Brutzman wrote:
> Hi John.  I took some time last year to work through all of the containerField variations, in order to offer only valid choices within X3D-Edit node editors.
> The summary of issues and ambiguous children (i.e. child nodes that might have varied relationships to parents) is online as follows.  If you see additional candidates, please advise.
> ===========================================================================
> ===========================================================================
> X3D Scene Authoring Hints: containerField
> http://www.web3d.org/x3d/content/examples/X3dSceneAuthoringHints.html#containerField
> [...]
> Of note, looking ahead to potential abstract specification improvements in X3D v4:
> a. we might make the special case of CADFace  go away in X3D v4 by sticking to conventional default 'children' field.

Summary	0001234: CADFace field 'shape' has unusual name and causes unnecessary complexity

Description: CADFace node includes a field 'shape' which can contain either Shape or LOD. The name 'shape' is unusual and causes unnecessary complexity when handling children nodes.

As with other nodes containing child nodes Shape and LOD, the field should get renamed as 'children'. This might be considered a correction to X3D v3 specification.

Impact of this change on existing content and implementations is small, once changes to DTD and Schema defaults are made. XML .x3d scenes should change Shape or LOD nodes within a CADFace to containerField='children' or no containerField value. Use of the 'shape' field has (unsurprisingly) been inconsistent, so this modification might have a beneficial effect on making legacy content more valid.
Additional Information	CAD node functionality is a responsibility of the Design Printing Scanning (formerly CAD) Working Group.

See thread "Which of these are necessary containerFields in XML?"

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