[x3d-public] IPython and X3DOM for scientific publication

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Fri Apr 6 06:15:49 PDT 2018

Interesting article: "The Scientific Paper is obsolete" : https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2018/04/the-scientific-paper-is-obsolete/556676/ <https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2018/04/the-scientific-paper-is-obsolete/556676/>

Quick Summary and comment:
After some hot air about Stephen Wolfram and Mathematica, the article discusses IPython, now call Jupyter, a Python-based notebook style application for performing and documenting scientific/engineering computation.
This article only discusses 2D graphics, but X3DOM can be used as a back-end to do 3D visualization in a Jupyter notebook. 

The examples I've found on the web are all in the context of a much larger computation toolkit such as Mayavi http://docs.enthought.com/mayavi/mayavi/ <http://docs.enthought.com/mayavi/mayavi/> or Fenics https://fenicsproject.org/ <https://fenicsproject.org/>.

Does anyone have a "Hello World" complexity example of creating an X3DOM scene in a Jupyter notebook and rendering it inside the notebook, that can be put in the Web3D Examples set?

Vince Marchetti
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