[x3d-public] LOD first level_changed event

Michalis Kamburelis michalis.kambi at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 18:21:38 PDT 2018

2018-04-07 2:11 GMT+02:00 Andreas Plesch <andreasplesch at gmail.com>:
> LOD has an outputOnly level_changed field which indicates the level
> index of a child when it is activated.
> Should the level_changed event be generated the very first time the
> LOD activates any of its children ?
> It looks like it should and the spec. does not treat the
> initialization as a special case: When L(d) is activated for display,
> the LOD node generates a level_changed event with value i where the
> value of i identifies which value of L was activated for display.

Castle Game Engine and view3dscene do generate level_changed on 1st
display. When implementing, I thought that it is sensible: the display
changes from "nothing" to "that child node", so I was thinking just as
you :)

But I have not tested other X3D browsers about this. A confirmation
would be welcome. Maybe my old LOD testcase may be adapted?
. Though it uses Logger node (an extension only in InstantReality /
CGE) for watching level_changed.


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