[x3d-public] Need help outputting JS from X3DJSAIL model class file. Help!

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 04:35:22 PDT 2018

$ java -cp jars/X3DJSAIL.3.3.full.jar";classes" HelloWorldProgramOutput -tojs -toFile foo.js
parameter: "-tojs" for conversion to X3DJSONLD JavaScript source
parameter: "-toFile" "foo.js" for result file name root foo
[Error] Source model file name is empty, therefore file loading not possible.
Java program "HelloWorldProgramOutput" self-validation test results: success

Used to work as -toJS.

This doesn’t work either:

$ java -cp jars/X3DJSAIL.3.3.full.jar";classes" HelloWorldProgramOutput examples/HelloWorldProgramOutput.x3d -tojs -toFile foo.js
WARNING: "HelloWorldProgramOutput" model invocation is attempting to load file "examples/HelloWorldProgramOutput.x3d" instead of simply validating itself... file loading ignored.
Java program "HelloWorldProgramOutput" self-validation test results: success


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