[x3d-public] ideal points in IndexedFaceSet

Andrey Filippov andrey at elphel.com
Mon Feb 19 17:44:09 PST 2018


Yes, it seems similar, I'll read more about infinite perspective projection. So my intention was to allow use of the infinite points (both all vertices of a face or only some), and if the far clipping is needed for particular implementation (or for export to other representations) - do it then (automatically), don't require the model to have that far distance specified explicitly. When getting Z from the multi-view image set (as we need), the input is disparity ~1/z, so in disparity space image it is 0, not infinity.


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Another option to consider is the infinite perspective projection:

AFAIK it favors precision at large distances at the expense of precision at zNear distances. Here is a discussion:


Infinite perspective could become a boolean field for Viewpoint: infinite='true'



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