[x3d-public] x3dom listed as html5 game platform

Nicholas Polys npolys at vt.edu
Wed Jul 11 20:57:40 PDT 2018

Super ~!
Thank you for this news Andreas!

Perhaps the Web3D Consortium Communications Team can make contact;
 We should also position the declarative / standards approach with some
brief and understandable messaging...
 also including relevant feature support such as gltf and webvr :->

all suggestions welcome!

with best regards,



On Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at 10:36 AM Andreas Plesch <andreasplesch at gmail.com>

> I just want to share a quick find.
> github has traffic stats:
> https://github.com/x3dom/x3dom/graphs/traffic
> It turns out that this list
> http://www.gamepix.com/blog/the-big-list-of-html5-3d-games-engines/
> is the origin of most of  the traffic after x3dom.org.
> Since this lists seems pretty complete, it is interesting to see that
> x3dom remains the only declarative 3d solutions listed, promising 3d
> graphics without js programming.
> x-ite may be a good candidate to be listed there as well especially
> since it has some advanced game demos if there is interest.
> -Andreas
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