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>>>>>Christophe, can you please get on the schedule?  This will be a public meeting, since all of the session information was presented publicly.

This does not address me, does it?

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Attendees: Vince Marchetti, Dick Puk, Don Brutzman

On 7/13/2018 6:27 AM, Don Brutzman wrote:
> Reminder, X3D working group call is this morning at regular time.
> Consideration of new topics welcome.  We will focus on recent developments, discuss preparations for ISO meeting and SIGGRAPH, and take an overall look at Mantis issues.

1. Design Printing Scanning (CAD) group issues.

a. Looking to resolve OrthoViewpoint issues during next weeks call, Thursday 19 July (regular time).  Vince will review email thread and ensure the Mantis issue is up to date.

* Clarify documentation for OrthoViewpoint

   Basically hoping if we match OpenGl functionality, confirm clear interface and wording, then mapping to (normalizing) ambiguous prior implementations should be straightforward.

b. Continuing to attend SC4 joint WG16 which is looking at STEP Visualization.  There will be a joint meeting in Toulouse with that group.

We hope to invite KAIST Dr. Soonhung Han to reprise their recent work on Macro Parametric Assembly (MPA) presented at Web3D 2018 Symposium.

        A Web-based Solution for Collaborative Design Supporting Multiple CAD Systems
        Hanra Lee, Tahir Abbas Jauhar, Imgyu Kim, Soonjo Kwon and Soonhung Han


Suggested: Wednesday July 18 or Wednesday July 25, regular time (1700 pacific, 2000 eastern, Thursday morning Korea).

c. Also hoping to review the stellar progress seen by multiple participants (perhaps the best yet) from Industrial Use Case at any Web3D Conference.

        Workshop: CAD and Digital Twin visualization in 3D and AR on the Web, ISO standardization challenges for Industrial Data

Christophe, can you please get on the schedule?  This will be a public meeting, since all of the session information was presented publicly.

d. There will be a Navy Laser Scanning Summit 23-24 July hosted by Synergy Software Design (SSD), by invitation only.  We hope to get Mike Russalesi to brief us on that.  Web3D Consortium will likely be on the agenda.  NPS will be sending a representative too.

2. ISO meeting preparations are well underway.

Agenda items include upcoming JTC-1 ballot on Hanim Draft International Specification (DIS).  Also on agenda are New Work Item Proposals (NWIPs) for C#, C++ and C.

Draft JSON Encoding specification is on GitHub, visible to Web3D Members.  This was prepared by Roy Walmsley and looks quite mature.


We appear to have multiple implementations which use JSON in one form or another, several thousand examples, validation, etc. etc.  Also fairly mature.

Of further note, expressing maturity at http://json-schema.org (draft-07): "JSONSchema" property syntax
"Editor's Note: JSON schemas are currently based on a draft reference not yet approved by IETF. Furthermore, the current draft RFC for JSON schema does not define how a JSON document refers to a corresponding JSON schema. This encoding specification may change to match any new referencing definition in an approved document."

Group opinion: We think that the JSON Encoding for X3D is approaching the level of maturity needed to successfully proceed through the Web3D Standardization Process and get proposed to ISO.  However, it would be most desirable to have a directly engaged participant also involved in the specification editing.  This is a significant professional opportunity for 1-2 current or prospective Web3D members.

We plan to communicate this opportunity at SIGGRAPH and welcome further inquiries.  For the ISO meetings we will focus on the existing Web3D NWIPs for C# C++ and C submitted to ISO.

No work has been proposed to X3D Working Group  yet on an X3D Python Language Binding but it keeps getting easier as we succeed with each of these.  The X3D Unified Object Model (X3DUOM) is further helping us keep all of these many variations exactly consistent.  Another great professional opportunity!  Onward we go.

3. We had an overview discussion of

X3D Scene Authoring Hints: containerField

All containerField values now appear to be correctly validated in X3D v4 XML Schema and DTd.  Soon they will be reflected in X3D v3.0-3.3.

Essentially these are all about parent-child node relationships in the X3D architecture, described in Unified Object Model (X3DUOM).  Any potential changes will affect all file encodings and all language bindings in X3D v4.

We had a good dialog and insights about these potential future issues.

4. Upcoming meeting schedule.

Topics of interest include Wish List and Tool Support and X3D v4 Planning.

*We expect to meet Friday 20 July and Friday 27 July*.

We currently do not expect to meet on travel days during weeks with special meetings: Fridays 3/10/17 August (though special sessions may get laid on).

Thanks everyone for an excellent, productive meeting today.


> On 7/3/2018 12:46 PM, Don Brutzman wrote:
>> There will be no X3D working group meeting tomorrow Wednesday 4 July 2018 during Independence Day USA.  Have a happy long weekday!  8)
>> Next week we will commence meeting on Fridays at same time of day, 0800-0930 pacific.  This avoids schedule collisions with other meetings by other external technical groups at the same time. (Web3D Communications team will need to pick a different day/time.)
>>      Teleconference Information
>>      http://www.web3d.org/member/teleconference-information
>> Fridays may turn out to be better for additional reasons as well - it lets the X3D Working Group review progress during the week by other groups and ensure that coordination is occurring.
>> As seen on the mailing list, a lot of great things are occurring!  We will keep our sights facing forward.
>>      X3D Version 4
>>      http://www.web3d.org/x3d4
>> With an awesome Web3D Conference achieved and SIGGRAPH coming up soon, once again it is a great time to join Web3D Consortium as a member to best engage and support ongoing progress.  Thanks for all contributions, and thanks for considering the possibilities.
>>      Join the Web3D Consortium
>>      http://www.web3d.org/join
> all the best, Don

all the best, Don
Don Brutzman  Naval Postgraduate School, Code USW/Br       brutzman at nps.edu
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