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I visited the WWW Explorer in my dreams.  It started with Windows Explorer, copying files from a Windows XP font directory to a Windows 10 font directory and vica versa.  Then I went to LLNL where I had an “office” but the office got deleted, so I had an interview with a Secret organization, and the interviewer was my sister and she said she couldn’t do this, but she could tour me around. So, we toured to a Korean/USA celebration (something like the reunification of Korea). Then we went to the LLNL root node and started touring the LLNL root node which was tied to all the other root nodes.  Some of the root nodes were totally 3D animation. I went around LLNL to my “office” and tried to make a root file copy to the location file of my “office” to create a new office, but I failed with a peta file copy error and woke up.  Other details: Leaves were animated and you could actually break them apart virtually. Water was there too.  It was both hierarchical, graph-oriented, animated and like Second Life with a reality-like component, but with hierarchy like a file system.

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