[x3d-public] HAnim Displacer examples

Andreas Plesch andreasplesch at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 12:37:32 PDT 2018

Are there other than the JoeKick example at


using the HAnim displacer node ?

It would be great to have a couple more examples, especially those
which use Displacer in Segment nodes or perhaps both in Segment and
Joint nodes.

Here is a spec. detail:


The 6th paragraph ends with

"The base mesh for the morphed skin is the deformed mesh that results
from the bone based skin deformation."

This sounds like the displacer's weighted displacements are applied
_after_ the joint skinCoordIndex weighted trafo deformation was

However, the 8th paragraph starts with

"The displacements field, if present, provides a set of 3D values that
are added to the neutral or resting position of each of the vertices
referenced in the coordIndex field of the associated mesh."

This explicitly requires that the displacement are applied to the
initial resting positions, eg. _before_ the joint skinCoordIndex
weighted trafo deformation is applied.

So which one is it ?

Presumably, it is rare that the same indices (vertices) will be
affected by both, displacers and skinCoordIndices although the JoeKick
example does do that.

Andreas Plesch
Waltham, MA 02453

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