[x3d-public] XSeen Release Featuring Cameras, DOM Events, CAD, and more

Leonard Daly Leonard.Daly at realism.com
Tue Jul 24 19:39:41 PDT 2018

The latest release of XSeen (V0.7rc1) includes support for a number of 
new capabilities to make your VR and 3D experience go mobile without 
precluding desktop support 
(https://xseen.org/features-in-xseen-v0-7-rc1/). XSeen is an open source 
project that is available on GitHub (https://github.com/DrX3D/XSeen).

The camera on your device can be used to provide the scene background 
(https://xseen.org/scene-camera-features-updates-to-v0-7/). The camera 
feed substitutes for the scene background. This can be turned on or off 
with simple JavaScript calls. If the camera is not in use, you can use a 
photosphere as the background 
(https://xseen.org/scene-backgrounds-new-to-v0-7/). Most phones can take 
photospheres and there is no need to figure out how to build a 
background cube.

CAD support is developing with the introduction of indexed triangles 
(https://xseen.org/new-geometry-in-v0-7/). There is now asset management 
(https://xseen.org/assets-and-reuse-new-to-v0-7/) that is similar to 
X3D's DEF/USE. These capabilities plus updated DOM event handling 
allowed a simple CAD part inspector to be quickly built 

To facilitate CAD (and NIH 3D PrintExchange) models, a converter from 
X3D to XSeen is being developed. The converter was used to create the 
XSeen version of the CAD model used in the part inspector and the 
molecular models described in 

Work for the next few months will be focused on examples, test web 
applications, converters and exporters.

*Leonard Daly*
3D Systems & Cloud Consultant
President, Daly Realism - /Creating the Future/
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