[x3d-public] Authoring in a Virtual or Augmented World. Examples?

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Wed Jun 5 19:55:05 PDT 2019

Do people have experience or examples of programming or authoring in a 4D virtual world, different from bringing up a multicolored text editor or 2D blocks?  I am thinking of stuff like creating a “hardware chip” in MineCraft.  Or something like Unreal’s VR mode (but I don’t have an AR/VR glasses yet).  I am thinking of an authoring system fully immersed in the 4D virtual world, I guess.

Alternatively, one may consider authoring tools firmly based in reality, like DynamicLand.

I haven’t looked into tools recently, so any feedback is welcome!

ToonTalk was certainly a leader in this area, it probably still is.  Wow, there’s a web version now.

Examples?  Search terms?

For example, we might want to program neural networks in 4D.

Yes, I realize 2D and text is “better,” thanks!



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