[x3d-public] updates to X3DJSAIL, plus pythonandjavaversionsofX3DExamples,X3DPSAIL; let Python be Python

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Thu Jun 27 11:26:22 PDT 2019

Okay, here’s python file that fails in the new repository.   Can we try to debug this one, over the phone perhaps?


I’ll probably be available the rest of the day, and will carry my phone with me.



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>b.  You have greater confidence than me that pyjnius is as scrupulous as you think.  We know that pyjnius is mistakenly returning abstract types, we know that abstract types are not correct return types for any external/pipelined call, we know that pyjnius uses Java reflection which contains multiple confusable layers of redirection.  I am saying that we should restrict our python-to-X3DJSAIL mappings to solely include concrete classes, no abstracts.  Results at that point will hopefully be much better and less obscure, making any remaining bugs fixable.

Have created a new repository to isolate our python packages from serializers, package generators.   We will only work on:

1) Examples in python which fail
2) Packages copied from other folders.

See previous email (search for demerit).

As previously mentioned, I believe that pyjnius is looking at the jar to find the abstract classes and interfaces.  Seems very simple to me.  It’s returning abstract types, because that’s what’s in the interface, I believe.  I don’t know why it’s returning abstract types, but when I use concrete class wrappers which refer to the concrete class, things work better.

>If mapToMethod has no influence on pyjnius invocations, then redirect our focus towards what else needs to get fixed for pyjnius.

Let’s work in the new isolated repository.   I don’t seem to have any problems there yet.


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