[x3d-public] Is there even a *case* for client-side 3D at all?? OpenInventor

Brutzman, Donald (Don) (CIV) brutzman at nps.edu
Wed May 1 11:31:13 PDT 2019

On 4/30/2019 3:04 PM, Joseph D Williams wrote:
>>   * OpenInventor/SGI/VR/3D pity party.
> Not everybody is at the pity party and x3d sure shares with open inventor,
> https://www.openinventor.com/en/why/develop-3d-software-faster

Thanks for this link.  I have added it to list of OI resources.  Further additions always welcome.

X3D Resources: Open Inventor

Open Inventor (OI) is an object-oriented 3D toolkit offering a comprehensive solution to interactive graphics programming problems. Its architecture is a direct predecessor of VRML and X3D.

Of interest: following a Birds of a Feather (BoF) session at SIGGRAPH 1994, the original VRML design was directly based on a competitive community selection of the Open Inventor .iv format as being the current "best of breed" for Web markup of scene graphs. This architectural design similarity provides fundamental common ground between Open Inventor, VRML97 and X3D.

* Thermo Scientific Open Inventor Toolkit is a commercial 3D software development toolkit (SDK).
* SGI Open Inventor resources, including open-source download
* Visual Sciences Group (VSG) (supported nodes and writing a VRML/X3D file)
* Medical Image Processing and Visualization (MeVisLab)
* Creating Open Inventor Scene Descriptions by Reid M. Pinchback MIT
* Converters: Okino Polytrans, Blender
* Coin3D is an independent implementation of the Open Inventor API

* Paul S. Strauss and Rikk Carey, An object-oriented 3D graphics toolkit, Silicon Graphics Computer Systems, Mountain View, California. In Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH '92, pages 341-349.
* Gerd Hesina, Dieter Schmalstieg, Anton Fuhrmann, and Werner Purgathofer, Distributed Open Inventor: A Practical Approach to Distributed 3D Graphics Vienna University of Technology, Austria. In Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology (VRST '99), pages 74-81.

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