[x3d-public] Fixed problem with X3DPSAIL (again)

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Fri May 3 06:01:02 PDT 2019

We cannot run Cython under Jupyter, as far as I can tell.  We could run IPython, but I’m unsure of compatibility with PyJNIus

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Subject: Fixed problem with X3DPSAIL (again)


Can you run this attached python file to successful completion on your system with X3DPSAIL.  I removed something from my serializer you asked me to, and the problem came back.  So I reverted the serializer back to how I had it.  No changes on my end now, except power point and pdf I think.

Please run this code on your system and tell me what errors, if any, it produces.

This means we cannot use SAI methods from my X3DPSAIL, I believe.

So is this a solvable issue, within the framework of your X3DPSAIL?  Do we need to expand our concept of SAI?

Do we try a new source code base?
Do we get into PyJNIus internals?
Do we expand autoclass method into something larger?
Do we move to the research API, or one form Korea/Japan?  What do you suggest?

What’s the next thing we should try?  I’m pretty much stumped.  I’ve tried to understand the internals of autoclass. Failed, except to diagnose the problem possibly as a superclass or interface overwriting the methods of the concrete class. I tried commenting out getSuperclass.
I had Jeff working on generating the XML from the research API (probably I directed him on to something else), but he seems unavailable right now.

I think we should try to write an XML generator for Python from *some* API, now not sure if DOM or SAI. I am willing to try SAI again, if we can get Dr. Aono’s help.

I am also unsure of running the combination of Cython and Java under Jupyter, and many of our customers may want that, if only to generate XML.  We can check the Jupyter kernels list.



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