[x3d-public] Server Restore

Webmaster webmaster at web3d.org
Sun May 12 09:16:58 PDT 2019

An update to the website server software failed in such a manner that 
the entire server had to be reloaded from a backup taken at 
approximately 2AM PDT (GMT-0700) today (Sunday, 2019-05-12). All changes 
to any files or database entries that were modified or created after 
that time and before approximately 9AM were lost. This includes emails, 
file uploads, page changes, etc. I am very sorry this had to be done. 
System maintenance usually happens on Sunday morning for this reason. I 
really hope that it is has not substantially affected anyone's work.

Leonard Daly
Webmaster, Web3D.org
Electronic Services, Web3D Consortium

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