[x3d-public] python pyjnius mapping

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Tue May 14 04:58:55 PDT 2019

>Is there another way we might be mistakenly triggering pyjnius to mistakenly look at abstract classes?

Yes, through the Java JVM.  As previously mentioned as the full jar.  See classpath.py, classpath.py is loaded through __init__.py.  It’s a complete JVM running alongside python, AFAIK, running X3DJSAIL.3.3.full.jar.   That is why I talk about honoring classes.  Do the @Override annotations last through the compilation cycle? Maybe we should consider places where abstract classes work?  You’ve only got a bug left in the abstract classes, with most of your remaining errors (133) occurring in interfaces.  Do we want to start addressing interfaces, or kill this bug left in the abstract classes (either your abstract classes or mine, I don’t really mind, it’s the same error).

Pyjnius uses Cython and JNI to interface with Java.  Some of the errors are JavaExceptions.  This one is a Python problem, and if you look it up, it’s kind like something in the Python isn’t declared/defined.

My version of the pipeline serializer clears up 130 of your problems in the interfaces.  My abstract classes error almost seems trivial, with only 2 sources, that I could determine, potentially clearing up 10s of problems.

I feel my path is a better approach (at least quicker), and have felt that some time—If the programmer wants to do something else, they can use the non-pipeline serializer. You used to have a Java version which supported my Python version, but I think you’ve moved to native types over X3DJSAIL Object classes.

Please help me fix this addChild method on X3DConcreteNode.



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