[x3d-public] Please instruct me what I should be to catch up with you Re:X3D/XSeen Python API (PyX3D or X3DPy)

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Sun May 19 17:29:10 PDT 2019

Dr.  Aono.  Thank you for catching up with us.  Not much has progress, except that now, we can use X3PSAIL in Jupyter Lab!

Please save the attached Jupyter notebook to you home folder, and launch in jupyter lab (I haven’t done this yet, so you’ll have to try it before me 😊. Hint:  Jupyter Lab is in anaconda 3.

Thank you very much. Others may try this as well.

The notebook contains all of X3DPSAIL as it now stands.

Don’t forget to install pyjnius as part of anaconda.   Instructions are here:


You will also have to set the Java CLASSPATH in the script at the top.   See notebook.

Whee! X3D in Python!

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